Joyfully Married

by Theresa DeWit

Powerful Strategies and Life Hacks for Christian Women to Thrive in Love and Marriage

Powerful Strategies and Life Hacks for Christian Women to Thrive in Love and Marriage

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Rekindle Love & Happiness

From a rough marriage, to married with joy! I lived through the worst days.
Let me show you how you can transform your marriage too!

Course Overview

Is marriage really that hard? What will happen if I divorce?

You go into marriage thinking that love will overcome all obstacles. But that just isn't the case. Real life problems can drive a wedge between the two of you. When that happens, if you have the skills and knowledge to overcome those hurdles, you can thrive! You fell in love for a reason. Even if you're struggling, there IS hope.

Less Conflict, More Joy!

You spent months planning your wedding.... attending to every detail... along with thousands of dollars to put together the most important event in your life!

But believe it or not, getting married is the easy part. Staying married is much, much harder. The complications in your relationship after you marry can leave you wondering if you are able to stay together forever. You may be wondering if divorce is an option, because staying just seems too hard. But if you think marriage is difficult, the honest truth... divorce is even more complicated.

Rekindle Love, Intimacy and Happiness in Your Marriage.

Have you invested any time or effort into learning how to avoid the pitfalls that occur early in a marriage? Just like the planning and investment you made to create a gorgeous wedding, you need to continue to invest in your relationship to make it beautiful, too. How do you have a fabulous life together? Just as you diligently planned your wedding, it is vital it to invest your time and energy now, to strengthen your marriage for your future.

There are common issues that create difficulties in even the strongest relationships: finances, misunderstandings, fighting, taking each other for granted, hormones and unmet needs of love.

It's critical to learn how to navigate the difficulties of marriage, in order to create a marriage that goes the distance, and avoid the pain of divorce. Ending a marriage is devastating, both emotionally and financially.

What My Students Say...

Holly W.

  •  “This study is the encouragement I needed to help my marriage thrive in the midst of having a newborn and toddler and to help us go from good to great! I love Theresa's practical tips and real-life examples. She's vulnerable sharing her failed marriage story, and now successful blended family marriage, which says it all."

Maria D.

  • "Amazing course! Faith centered, raw, and packed full of wisdom for the millennial woman. The action items at the end of each video really helped me apply the content in a practical way. My mindset and how I communicate in my marriage has changed for the better!"

Libby H.

  • "The Action Guide was straightforward and easy. It really got me thinking outside the box, and I have been going back through my notes and brainstorming new ideas.”

Introducing A Specialized
Marriage Improvement Course!

14 Short Lessons That Will Strengthen Your Marriage!

In this course you will learn tactics to help clean up a messy marriage. As you practice and apply the easy-to-learn strategies, your relationship will blossom into something that is both strong and beautiful.

You Will Learn:

Happy Husband, Happy Wife. Happy Wife, Happy Life.

In this course you will learn how to navigate the complications in a relationship.

  • ​How to communicate better and fight less 
  • ​How to manage financial struggles, and save for a vacation or a downpayment on a home 
  • ​How to understand each other's differing needs for love and respect 
  • ​How to have fun and laugh and be spontaneous 
  • ​How to revive your intimacy and prioritize this special aspect of your relationship 
  • ​How to unravel the mystery of the man you married, and understand his needs 
  • ​How to reduce conflict in your home related to unmet needs 
  • ​And so much more!

Course Insights


Mindset – Envision Love

Is marriage really that hard? What will happen if I divorce?

Lesson 1:

Mindset – Envision Love

Can people really be married for a lifetime? Is that even possible anymore?

Lesson 2:

Bring the Joy! Your Superpower

I feel so empty. What will it take to turn my marriage around?

Lesson 3:

Bring the Joy with Your Smile

I feel so empty. What will it take to turn my marriage around?

Lesson 4:

Create an Atmosphere of Playfulness

We never laugh anymore. How do I rewind the clock and bring back the fun?

Lesson 5:

The Five Love Languages

All I need is love, right? Why is love so complicated?

Lesson 6:

Reduce Conflict

Why do we argue so much? What can I do to change that?

Lesson 7:

Runners vs. Chasers

Who is a Runner in a fight? Who is a Chaser?

Lesson 8:

Spiritual Connection

How do we revive our love for God and for each other?

Lesson 9:

God-Given Masculine Traits

He gets so worked up sometimes. Why are we so different?

Lesson 10:

Managing Finances

We always argue about money. How will we ever get ahead?

Lesson 11:

The Importance of Intimacy

I feel like we are just roommates. Where did all the passion go?

Lesson 12:

Avoid These Pitfalls!

Pitfalls! Don't trip up and make these mistakes.

Lesson 13:

Hormones, PMS, Birth Control

Everything is so gloomy to me. I need sunshine and blue sky!

Lesson 14:

Understand More About Your Man

Why is he always in a funk? How can we be happy again?


A Man's Three Basic Needs

I just don't understand my husband. Does it have to be this difficult?

Hi! I'm Theresa DeWit

My life was upside down. I didn't understand how my marriage could be such a mess. I'm a Christian woman and I wanted to honor God, and I desperately wanted to save my marriage. So, I had to dig in. I began consuming huge amounts of Christian material on marriage and relationships. I devoured books and studied video courses and went to classes at church, listened to marriage radio programs, talked to friends and counseled with pastors.... I learned SO MUCH! I became the best wife I could be.

I worked first on my mindset and then applied the many principles I will share with you. Strategies that will turn your frustrating and empty marriage into a beautiful union!

14 Short & Actionable Lessons

There is still hope for your marriage! In this course you will quickly learn easy-to-apply strategies to improve your relationship for the long term. You will also receive a free bonus Action Guide to help you put what you learn into action in your marriage right away!

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